TCO Development presents TCO Certified Smartphones at Asia’s largest computer exhibition – dialog with attendees shows a growing need for sustainably designed smartphones.

TCO Development’s Regional Manager in Asia, Martin Söderberg, was invited to present TCO Certified Smartphones at the Swedish Mobile Tech Forum on June 4 at Computex Taipei – Asia’s largest computer exhibition. Other speakers from ITRI, Ericsson and Fingerprint Cards AB where also invited to bring their views on the where the smartphone industry is heading.

About 180 people attended the event and the discussions that followed focused on what industry needs to do to create more sustainable products. Martin comments: “we all have a responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable future. The industry, buyers and the users, we all need to think in a more sustainable manner. The high level of engagement in this issue among attendees reaffirms our need to move in this direction when it comes to smartphones”

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