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Speaking and writing about TCO Certified

This guide helps you ensure consistent, clear and accurate communication of what the TCO Certified brand stands for. Use of the TCO Certified brand requires that the integrity and independence of the certification is maintained in all communications.

How to describe TCO Certified

Use these texts when you want to explain what TCO Certified is.

TCO Certified is a global sustainability certification for IT products. It includes both social and environmental aspects and helps purchasing organizations and the IT industry address the most important sustainability challenges connected to electronics, such as climate, circularity, hazardous substances, and supply chain responsibility.

When you describe the certified product

  • This product is certified according to TCO Certified
  • This product carries the TCO Certified designation

When you describe why you use TCO Certified

  • We use TCO Certified to manage environmental and social risk connected to IT products
  • We use TCO Certified to meet key sustainability goals
  • We contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by