For IT buyers, the circular economy means planning, buying and using electronics so they have a longer life and don’t become toxic e-waste. Our 2020 report Circular IT Management in Practice, is a deep dive into circularity – but what are the practical steps that you need to start with?

We’ve put together an easy-to-follow action plan with tips on buying and managing your electronics for the circular economy. In the circular economy, there’s a hierarchy of priorities – often referred to as “loops”:

Dmytro Kapotia
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Dmytro Kapotia


A circular approach starts upfront – in procurement

The best time to start thinking about being more circular is upfront, in the procurement phase. This is when you can effectively communicate with suppliers about your plans for longer use (and reuse), develop waste prevention strategies, and even impact product design. Contact us for guidance on getting circularity into your IT procurement.

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