Stockholm, December 16, 2020

TCO Certified is the leading global sustainability certification for computers, mobile devices, and other IT products. 3,500 product models are already certified. Purchasers can receive notifications of products that are certified and meet predefined parameters to help their sustainability work.

To help purchasers of IT products make more sustainable and informed product choices, TCO Development, the organization behind TCO Certified, has extended its online database called Product Finder to include measurable sustainability performance data for certified products. With the new subscription feature, organizations receive notifications from Product Finder on certified products that meet individually predefined sustainability parameters.

Available data on certified products include:

  • Percentage of post-consumer recycled plastic content
  • Energy consumption
  • Battery cycles
  • Weight, size, resolution and more

Product Finder also offers a feature that calculates use phase CO2 emissions and energy costs.

Demonstration of Product Finder watcher