Refurbishing company Inrego buys used IT products and upgrades and repairs them to give them a new lease of life for new users.

Refurbished IT products from Inrego’s plant in Sweden are sold in more than 87 countries. We spoke to Erik Pettersson, Circular Innovation and Environmental Manager, and Katarina Magnusson, Key Account Manager at Inrego.

Erik feels that organizations and private individuals are very much more positive towards buying and selling second-hand now than they were 10 years ago. In recent years, Inrego’s turnover has seen annual growth of 20 percent. But so much more could be done. Erik and Katarina are in constant contact with companies that are about to dispose of fully functional IT equipment, despite the fact that these resources could generate income.

“Unfortunately, large amounts of perfectly functional IT products are disposed of, or stored until they’ve lost their value. In the past year, we’ve bought more than 180,000 IT products from companies and consumers and we could buy more. The demand for reconditioned IT products is definitely there,” says Erik.

“Does a newer version of a computer make you better at your job?”

How do you renovate the products that you buy?

“There’s a big difference between used IT products and the refurbished products we sell because we replace worn components, erase hard disks, and test equipment to maintain quality,” says Katarina. “We delete all data stored on products securely, and sellers receive certificates confirming this. We then test the product and carry out upgrades and replace parts if necessary,” she adds. Why should an organization buy refurbished IT products? “I feel that many organizations haven’t thought about what they actually need in terms of performance. They buy the latest versions of devices but when I ask them exactly what it is they need to do their work, we can agree that buying reconditioned computers with equally good performance at lower prices is a perfectly acceptable alternative,” says Katarina.

She continues:
“When someone says that they only buy new, I get really interested. I ask them: ‘do you need new computers? And is it that the housing of the computer that you want to be new, or the software inside? Does a newer version of a computer make you better at your job? Or can you take the difference buying a used device would give you and invest it in something that actually develops you and your business? And you can protect the environment at the same time.’”

Why do you think that so many organizations buy new instead?

“I think that many organizations buy new because they lack knowledge and experience in this area. I’m seeing growing numbers of people using refurbished IT products having bought a computer or phone f