Refurbishing company Inrego buys used IT products and upgrades and repairs them to give them a new lease of life for new users.

Refurbished IT products from Inrego’s plant in Sweden are sold in more than 87 countries. We spoke to Erik Pettersson, Circular Innovation and Environmental Manager, and Katarina Magnusson, Key Account Manager at Inrego.

Erik feels that organizations and private individuals are very much more positive towards buying and selling second-hand now than they were 10 years ago. In recent years, Inrego’s turnover has seen annual growth of 20 percent. But so much more could be done. Erik and Katarina are in constant contact with companies that are about to dispose of fully functional IT equipment, despite the fact that these resources could generate income.

“Unfortunately, large amounts of perfectly functional IT products are disposed of, or stored until they’ve lost their value. In the past year, we’ve bought more than 180,000 IT products from companies and consumers and we could buy more. The demand for reconditioned IT products is definitely there,” says Erik.

“Does a newer version of a computer make you better at your job?”