On Tuesday, May 9 the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council presented TCO Development with an Outstanding Case Study Award. The case study outlined achievements in improved social responsibility in the IT manufacturing supply chain where certified products are made, making it easier for IT purchasers to make more sustainable choices.

Presented at the annual SPLC Summit in Denver, Colorado, The Awards recognize organizations for their leadership in the sustainable purchasing movement, a growing trend in which organizations are using their purchasing power to advance the long term health and vitality of society, economies, and the planet.

“The winners of these Awards have each demonstrated their commitment to leadership in sustainable purchasing,” says SPLC Executive Director Jason Pearson. “They represent a constructive cycle of innovation that will define the global marketplace of tomorrow.”

The case study recognizes a 2016 study to assess progress in socially responsible manufacturing where TCO Certified products are made. Results point to significant improvements in code of conduct compliance, including reduced nonconformities in forced labor, freedom of association and health and safety. Full results are published in the report, Impacts and Insights.

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About the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council:

Founded in 2013, the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council convenes buyers, suppliers, and public interest advocates to develop programs that simplify and standardize sustainable purchasing efforts by large organizations. The Council has quickly attracted, from a wide variety of sectors and regions, more than 180 members with over $200 billion in collective purchasing power. In 2015, SPLC released Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing v1.0, which has been called the “most comprehensive