In the fourth webinar of our 2016 Sustainable IT series, we welcomed Christina Macken, Director of Programs for the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council in the USA, who provided a preview of their upcoming Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing – IT Hardware – version 2.0.

The Guidance for Leadership in Sustainable Purchasing is intended to help organizations improve the environmental, social, and economic performance within their supply chains—across the entirety of product and service life cycles—by implementing a strategic sustainable purchasing program. The Guidance version 2.0 sets out a “playbook” plan to help buyers construct a sustainable IT purchasing program that combines environmental and social responsibility throughout the product life cycle. Tools, life cycle impacts and product claim verification are important aspects of the Guidance.

Niclas Rydell, Director of TCO Certified, also provided an update on two current issues in IT products and their manufacture, specifically hazardous chemicals and socially responsible manufacturing. What are the current challenges? What can you do as a purchaser to help drive positive change?