Learn about environmental and social sustainability issues connected to data center products. You’ll get practical tips on how to drive the availability of servers, data storage products and network equipment that are made in a more responsible way.

As more of us use mobile devices, streaming services and cloud-based solutions, the number of energy-guzzling data centers is growing rapidly. But apart from energy efficiency concerns, there are also other challenges connected to data center products. Social responsibility is a continuing challenge throughout the supply chain. From raw materials extraction to final assembly, working hours, health and safety and forced labor are examples of industry-wide issues. Hazardous cleaners and solvents are used in the process of manufacturing IT products. Toxic substances are also used in the products themselves.

At this webinar on-demand, we go beyond energy efficiency and look into the supply chain of data center products, where social responsibility often is an issue. How can we join forces to prevent child labor, human rights abuses and unsafe working environments in factories? Linking also to toxic substances, we will look into how we can work to reduce hazardous substances both in products and in manufacturing.