This is IT

The way we produce and use IT products is changing the world as we know it — in good ways, and some not so good. E-waste is piling up, ecosystems and communities are at risk and natural resources are running low. We need to be smarter, do better. Think less linear and more circular. Want to know how you can be part of that change? This is IT.

The problems with IT products escalate day by day

IT products have a large number of complex supply chains, covering many companies on several continents. From minerals extraction through final assembly, computers and other devices come with social and environmental risks we’re working to eliminate. Get to know the issues here.

Social and environmental challenges in the IT product supply chain

Hazardous substances in IT products — a human health and environmental risk

Conflict minerals used in IT products drive wars and human rights abuses

A growing, toxic waste stream where valuable finite resources are lost

The circular economy — a way of building a brighter and more resourceful future

TCO Certified helps your organization set things straight

When you want your workplace to make a more sustainable IT product choice, TCO Certified is your tool. It is the world’s most comprehensive sustainability certification for IT products. Criteria have a circular approach, cover the product’s full life cycle and go beyond industry standards and legislation. To make sure that products and manufacturing facilities actually meet the set criteria, compliance is verified by an independent party.

Use TCO Certified to drive progress toward sustainable IT products.

Change starts here. With you and your organization

Achieving greater sustainability requires a collective effort from both buyers and industry. Let’s connect — together we can help your workplace do the right thing. TCO Certified makes more responsible IT product choices easier and can be used in purchasing, free of charge. We’re here to help you get started.

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