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Join the Dialog – Next Generation TCO Certified

This year TCO Certified turns 25. Naturally we’re proud of this milestone and our progress toward a sustainable life cycle for IT products. But there’s a lot more work to do. Reaching this long term goal demands that we together renew our commitment to solving the many environmental and social challenges connected to electronics.

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Next Generation TCO Certified – toward a sustainable life cycle for IT products.

Join us on September 12 as we share development plans for the next generation and explain how you can contribute to the process.

2018 will mark the release of the next generation TCO Certified sustainability criteria for IT products.

Relevant, leadership criteria are critical for driving real change. To drive faster progress in social and

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Clarification – Acoustic noise measurements in Notebooks, Desktops and All-in-one PCs

We have seen some inconsistencies in  acoustic noise measurements for TCO Certified Notebooks 5.0, TCO Certified All-in-one PCs 4.0 and TCO Certified Desktops 5.0.

Therefore, we will include the following clarification (in red) in our next generation of TCO Certified. We are already using this principle:

A.4.1 (For Notebooks) A.4.3( For AIO

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