– Verification of compliance

20,000 hours of independent verification each year

With TCO Certified, all criteria are mandatory and compliance is always independently verified. Each year, accredited experts spend more than 20,000 hours on product testing and supply chain assessments. Verification is carried out both before and after certification, throughout the certificate’s validity period.

All criteria are mandatory

With TCO Certified, there are no loopholes. Certified products must comply with all criteria for its product category, without exceptions, which is always verified by independent experts.

Compliance throughout the certificate’s lifespan

Certified products and the factories where they are made must comply with the criteria in TCO Certified during the certificate’s full validity period. Products, factories and brand owners are followed up with spot checks based on risk assessments.

Non-compliances are met with real consequences

The brand owner is by contract responsible for ensuring that certified products and the factories where they are made meet all criteria in TCO Certified. Non-compliance is met with real consequences — certificates can be removed and factories may lose the right to manufacture certified products.

Verification organizations you can trust

The independent verification organizations that we use specialize in IT products, social responsibility or other sustainability issues. All test facilities are accredited to ISO 17025.