– Why use TCO Certified in purchasing?

Make an impact with sustainable procurement

While the IT products you purchase can come with social and environmental risks, they can also help you drive sustainable development. Let us tell you how.


IT products are associated with many sustainability risks throughout the life cycle


Expertise and extensive resources are needed to drive sustainability in the IT industry


Ask for TCO Certified and take the next step in social and environmental responsibility

IT products — a risk to humans and the environment

IT products are associated with a wide range of sustainability risks throughout their life cycle. Human rights violations occur in the factories. Harmful substances are used both in products and their manufacture. Products can often have a shorter life span because of poor ergonomics, low quality and when they are not able to be repaired or upgraded.

By asking for TCO Certified when procuring IT products, you can provide an incentive for the IT industry to take more responsibility and move in a sustainable direction. Your choices have a direct effect on how industry acts.

TCO Certified makes challenging the IT industry easier

IT products have complex, global supply chains with many subcontractors, and technology development is fast-paced. Therefore, both extensive resources and a high level of expertise are needed to set relevant product criteria that really challenge the IT industry. Even more difficult is to verify that products and factories meet the set criteria.

TCO Certified is a complete and comprehensive solution, with criteria that balance environmental and social responsibility, as well as independent verification of criteria compliance throughout the entire life cycle of the product. When organizations around the world ask for TCO Certified, clarity and common rules of play are created, and the industry is pressurized to take responsibility.

Purchase sustainably – here’s how to do it!

With TCO Certified you don’t need to know how to set relevant criteria that actually challenge the IT industry. Because we do. Nor do you need a large network of experts who verify if the criteria are met. We take care of that too. TCO Certified is a complete tool, ready for use. All you need to do is specify TCO Certified in your purchasing contracts and make sure that vendors show a valid product certificate as proof of compliance.

To get started, follow our step-by-step guide.

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