For many, 2021 will also be a year of working from home, forcing organizations to adapt to an online-only environment. What is trending for a more sustainable home office?

Cassandra Julin
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Cassandra Julin

Global PR & Communication Manager

Todays’ linear way of producing and consuming products is ruining fragile ecosystems, causing the loss of valuable natural resources. Instead, we need to adopt a circular approach to the way we are consuming, designing and operating. The circular economy brings more sustainable solutions where products are in use for longer and materials are reused to manufacture new products. That way we can make the most out of valuable natural resources that are used in each product.

1. Empty offices leaves unused IT equipment

Since many no longer go to the office at all, the most sustainable thing to do is to keep using computers, displays and other products you already have – and bring them home. Buying new products just for the home office is a waste of resources.

2. The rental market is on an upswing

Working from home is, hopefully, a temporary solution. This might mean you have short-lived equipment needs that will cease once you are back at the office again. Businesses have picked up on this trend and offer flexible rental services for this purpose.

3. The second-hand and refurbishing market is booming

There is an increase of high-quality second-hand or refurbished products available through private buy-and-sell platforms as well as companies specialized in supplying larger organizations. In many cases, product warranties are offered – making this a more viable option. Buying second-hand or refurbished products is beneficial both for your wallet and for the environment since it normally is cheaper than buying new.