Sustainability legislation in the European Union is constantly evolving. Two upcoming changes are the Sustainable Product Initiative regulation and the Green Claims directive which potentially can make it easier for buyers to make responsible, more sustainable decisions. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of the changes.

Blog by:
Barton Finn

Benelux, France

Looking at what’s happening right now, I’d like to highlight four development areas that may affect institutional purchasers of IT products.

One: sustainability is about to become mandatory

Sustainability is about to gain ground in the EU through an upcoming shift from voluntary to mandatory sustainable public procurement. It comes as a reaction to the current situation, where only a small minority of public tenders in the European Union include sustainability criteria. Policymakers see this as a missed opportunity and, faced with that observation, want to take new steps toward making it mandatory. It’s already happened in countries like Italy and France, and it’s currently being discussed at an EU level. The new Sustainable Product Initiative regulation is now a draft. If it goes through, and I’m confident it will, public purchasers will not have a choice anymore — they must include sustainability criteria in their tenders.