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TCO Development, the company behind the TCO Certified sustainability certification for IT products, today announced the release of the TCO Certified Edge Headsets certification program for enhanced acoustic limiting, recognizing sustainable design and best in class acoustic performance. Plantronics is the first brand to achieve the new designation for its Savi 740 and Savi 440 headset series.

New enhanced criterias for TCO Certified Edge for Headsets

Enhanced acoustic limiting is the automatic suppression of loud noises to a more comfortable level (102dBA). These unwanted noises typically originate from external sources and can cause sudden and unexpected increase in volume, startling the user. Baseline TCO certified headsets meet criteria for protection against sound spikes among other acoustic factors. The more demanding TCO Certified Edge Headsets program takes acoustic protection a step further by requiring headsets to also limit sudden increases in volume, which can cause user discomfort, fatigue and potential hearing loss with repeated exposure. All headsets carrying the TCO Certified label are independently tested and verified to meet advanced environmental, performance and social responsibility requirements. The goal of TCO is to provide professional buyers, such as in call centres, with product choices that meet their sustainable purchasing objectives, including user comfort and performance.

Soren Enholm, CEO of TCO Development launched TCO Certified Edge Headsets at the CeBIT show in Hannover, Germany. “The TCO Certified Edge program is designed to push the boundaries of sustainable IT by recognizing top performing products. For each certification, we look closely at all phases of a product’s life – design, manufacturing, use and recycling and work to ensure that each of these life cycle phases is carried out with regard to environmental, social and economic responsibility. Acoustic quality in a headset is a key aspect of sustainable use. We believe that including enhanced acoustic limiting in TCO Certified Edge Headsets helps give buyers confidence in selecting the best product for meeting their workplace quality and sustainability goals.”

Plantronics, first to meet the new standrads

“We are very proud to receive this prestigious award from TCO Development. This endorsement is a true testament to our commitment to a common goal for sustainable IT, in design, manufacturing, and top quality acoustic performance,” says Philip Vanhoutte, SVP and EMEA Managing Director at Plantronics. “We look forward to continuing our work with TCO and elevating the global standard for exceptional ergonomics in headsets.”

About Plantronics

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Toward sustainable IT products

The organization behind the sustainability certification TCO Certified is TCO Development. Our vision is that all IT products should have an environmentally and socially sustainable life cycle. Science-based criteria and independent verification of compliance help us track and accelerate progress over time.


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