The story of TCO Certified

TCO Certified is the world’s most comprehensive sustainability certification for IT products. Our broad set of life cycle criteria, along with independent verification help drive greater environmental and social responsibility in eight product categories, including computers, displays and other electronic devices.

Our story began 25 years ago when we introduced TCO ’92, which included an energy saving sleep mode for computer displays. Since then TCO Certified has grown to include our groundbreaking work in areas such as hazardous materials, ergonomics and socially responsible manufacturing.

With new generation criteria every three years, we’re able to drive faster progress toward important social and environmental targets. Learn more about our story , and how we can work together toward a sustainable life cycle for IT products.

From safety to sustainability – the evolution of TCO Certified

TCO’92 – World’s first environmental certification for IT products, focusing on display energy consumption and emissions

Computer displays are not energy efficient and emissions cause health concerns such as headaches. There is no system for regulating these issues or helping users choose safer products.

TCO´95 – Addition of hazardous content criteria, focusing on flame retardants and heavy metals; lead, cadmium and mercury

Growing environmental concerns around IT products, including hazards of flame retardants, bromines, and chlorinated substances. Legislation is slow and doesn’t address these challenges.