The story of TCO Certified

TCO Certified is the world-leading sustainability certification for IT products. It includes a comprehensive system of up-to-date criteria, independent verification and a structured system for continuous improvement to drive real and lasting change.

Our story began more than 30 years ago when we introduced the world’s first global certification for IT products, focusing on energy consumption and emissions, which included an energy-saving sleep mode for computer displays. Since then TCO Certified has evolved, and it is now the world’s only global sustainability certification for IT products. Today, the certification includes a broad set of criteria covering the supply chain and the full product lifecycle. Criteria areas include hazardous substances, circularity, socially responsible manufacturing, environmentally responsible manufacturing, and much more.

TCO Certified 30 years

TCO Certified 30 years

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Criteria in TCO Certified go beyond legislation and industry standards to challenge the IT industry and drive progress. A new generation of updated criteria and verification methods is developed every third year, to drive incremental change and push sustainability where it matters most.

TCO Certified is a tool that enables new steps toward a future where all IT products have a sustainable life cycle. Purchaser demand for certified products is the main driver for the transition. Here you can learn more about the story of TCO Certified, and how we can work together toward sustainable IT products.