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30 years of driving sustainable development in IT products

The organization behind the sustainability certification TCO Certified is TCO Development. We work globally towards a future where all IT products have a sustainable life cycle. Our international team is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with team members working remotely at several continents around the world.

We have a long-term plan for enabling a sustainable life cycle for IT products and join forces with IT purchasers and other stakeholders to drive progress. Our plan is connected to other major sustainability targets, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our story began more than 30 years ago when we introduced the world’s first global certification for IT products. Since then TCO Certified has evolved, and it is now the world’s only global sustainability certification for IT products. Criteria are comprehensive and cover both environmental and social responsibility in the supply chain and throughout the product life cycle.

To challenge the industry and drive the development of more sustainable IT products, our criteria go beyond legislation and industry standards. A new generation of TCO Certified is developed every three years, with stricter and more comprehensive criteria and verification methods.

TCO Certified covers most IT products you find at the office and those that store your data. With a wide choice of certified product models from well-known brands, it is the certification of choice for purchasers seeking to mitigate risks and select IT products responsibly.