Access to sustainability aspects about products and their life cycle plays a vital role in sustainable IT management. Certifications and labels are now increasingly included in e-catalogs, making a sustainable choice more accessible than ever before!

For purchasers, navigating product models, their functions and sustainability aspects can be tricky. Vendors often offer electronics catalogs, mainly with a focus on technical parameters. Increasingly, several such listings now also include information on whether these products are certified according to existing eco-labeling schemes or sustainability certifications.

Dmytro Kapotia
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Dmytro Kapotia


TCO Certified in reseller listings and e-catalogs

As the leading sustainability certification for IT products, we have been approached by several platforms that want to make it easier to find more sustainable IT products that also meet their technical needs.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • 1WorldSync aggregates information about IT products from multiple sources into consistent content. The platform has integrated TCO Certified within its DataSource service. Retailers which use DataSource can request data on the products in their store, including whether they are certified in accordance with TCO Certified.
  • Ecomedes is another data aggregator with a platform in the US – Fulcrum. The platform provides a list of products that are approved for public procurement (under the US General Services Administration). Buyers can search by TCO Certified and get a list of available certified products.
  • Markit has introduced so-called ‘eco-filters’. Using these, you can search not only for local suppliers (GHG emissions reduction) but also for products certified according to the criteria in TCO Certified.
  • ATEA is another reseller that offers a sustainable purchasing guide that explains the benefits of using TCO Certified in procurement. Customers can select TCO Certified as a default option and search for certified models in the e-shop.