Another year has come to its end and as always, it’s been both rewarding and challenging. At TCO Development, we finished off with a real highlight — the launch of the new generation of criteria and verification methods in TCO Certified, generation 9.

Sören Enholm
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Sören Enholm


Never before have we experienced such great interest and commitment to sustainability from the IT industry, or from the purchaser community. More product models than ever, from a record number of brand owners, were certified in time for the launch. The interest in attending the launch event was also record-high. Summarizing 2021, I also note that more than 100 million certified products were manufactured during the year. It’s encouraging that more and more people around the world want to be part of the solution to the sustainability challenges we all face.

With TCO Certified, generation 9, we take another big step forward with more transparency, safer chemicals, and new ways of measuring progress. We help get the purchaser’s voice further into the supply chain and include more ambitious circular criteria to extend product life and reduce e-waste.

Many other things have happened during the year as well. Here are a few examples.

We see a positive development in terms of social responsibility in the factories that manufacture certified products, and our ground-breaking system for safer chemicals is growing and used by more people.

In April, the first-ever server model was certified according to the comprehensive criteria in TCO Certified.