Growing purchaser demand for more sustainable electronics has contributed to Fairphone 4 being the first product model certified according to TCO Certified, generation 8 for smartphones.

With TCO Certified, purchasing organizations have a direct effect on the most important sustainability challenges connected to electronics — such as climate, circular economy, hazardous substances, and supply chain responsibility. Compliance with all criteria is mandatory and independently verified by accredited experts, both before and after a certificate is issued.

Benefits of asking for TCO Certified:

  • Robust criteria that cover both environmental and social aspects.
  • Independent verification of compliance is mandatory.
  • A system of ongoing monitoring and follow-up that holds the industry accountable.

TCO Certified is free to use for purchasing organizations and covers IT product categories such as computers, mobile devices, display products, data center products – and now smartphones. Currently, around 3500 product models from major brands are certified.

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