Impacts and Insights is our report series that we have developed to share our insights, knowledge and impacts with you. We believe that it’s important to put TCO Certified in a bigger context, and make it clear that your requirements have a big impact in making IT products and the IT industry more sustainable, and our reports is one way of doing this.

Sören Enholm
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Sören Enholm


In our report Impacts and Insights: Circular IT Management in Practice, we’ve done a deep-dive into circularity. What does this actually mean for IT products — and how can the circular economy be implemented on the ground when you procure and use IT products? What stands in the way for circularity and how can these obstacles be removed?

To answer these questions, we spoke to experts in the field (including our own), interviewed people on the frontline of circular procurement, and checked in with some IT brands to get a snapshot of how the transition is going.

I’m very happy to see the huge interest in the report and call for more circular IT practices. We’ve had over 600 attendees across our two webinars. The report has so far been downloaded more than 1 000 times. Interest has been spread across the globe, with downloads from several countries all over the world.

Through this report we have talked to thousands of purchasers about circular management of IT products. I hope that you will all join the procurers across the globe who, by choosing to ask for TCO Certified, help to put millions of more sustainable products to the end users!