Supply chain responsibility is a continuing challenge in the IT industry, and a cornerstone in TCO Certified. TCO Development’s CEO Sören Enholm explains why continual monitoring and observations by independent parties are keys to driving more responsible practices.

This text is an excerpt from the report Impacts and Insights 2019.

Sören Enholm - TCO Development

Sören Enholm, TCO Development

Our goal with TCO Certified is to provide a systematic approach to driving safer, more responsible practices, from raw materials extraction through to final assembly. The IT industry is increasingly engaged in and aware of sustainability issues. Brand owners often audit their manufacturing sites against a code of conduct, but one challenge is that non-conformities are not always corrected.

With this in mind, we’ve implemented a systematic way of working with corrective actions and follow-up to drive faster progress. We also introduced criteria for responsible sourcing of conflict minerals and designed a whole new way of managing hazardous substances, where flame retardants must be assessed and approved as safer alternatives before they are used in certified products. In all three areas, we can conclude that accountability and transparency are key to faster, more lasting change.