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Stockholm, February 13, 2020

Purchasers increasingly include sustainability criteria in procurement. It motivates the IT industry to prioritize sustainability issues and the brands Ciara and Inforlandia are the latest to make adjustments to their production to meet the strict criteria in TCO Certified.

Canadian public agencies have used TCO Certified in procurement for more than 20 years and in 2018, the Canadian Government announced that it would include additional product categories in their TCO Certified requirement. This led Ciara to apply for TCO Certified for its systems destined to the Canadian Government.

When an IT product brand owner starts using TCO Certified, they’re making a long term commitment to working toward a sustainable IT product life cycle. This effort requires continuous innovation and improvement on the part of brand owners and suppliers alike. TCO Certified provides the systematic roadmap for getting there.

In November 2019, the certification process was finished for Ciara and certificates were issued for two desktop models. This makes Ciara the first Canadian brand ever to meet the tough criteria in TCO Certified.

Roch Brunet, Product Manager for PC Systems at Ciara Technologies has been coordinating the work. He says that Ciara had to make a number of changes to meet the sustainability criter