While the IT products you purchase can come with social and environmental risks, sustainable procurement can help your organization drive sustainable development. Our guide helps you do it successfully.

Sustainable procurement is a complex issue and mistakes can easily be made. To make it easier, we have developed our guide to sustainable IT purchasing with TCO Certified. It offers many practical tips, applicable to both the private and public sector.

Sustainable procurement with TCO Certified — here’s how to do it!

The guide gives an overview of the sustainability criteria and independent verification in TCO Certified. Our tips will then help you get started with sustainable procurement — how you prepare your organization, talk to vendors and write the contract, as well as what to keep in mind once the contract is signed.


Greater impact by joining together

When many organizations use the same set of criteria, change will happen faster. TCO Certified gives purchasers all over the world a strong, united voice that the IT industry listens to. Instead of trying to meet individual requirements that may contradict each other, brand owners can focus on making continual improvements that matter. This leads to increased social and environmental responsibility connected to IT products and their manufacture.

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