Do you want to store your data in a more responsible way and get access to servers, data storage products and network equipment that meet environmental and social requirements? Together, let’s provide an incentive for the IT industry to move in the right direction!

Whether you have your own data center or outsource the service, all data centers house servers, storage and networking equipment which are connected to both social and environmental sustainability risks throughout their life cycle. Today, it is difficult for organizations to make more sustainable choices for these devices handling their data, since very few data center products are independently verified to meet relevant and comprehensive sustainability criteria.

We want to change this, and we need your help!

TCO Certified is the leading sustainability certification for IT products, with social and environmental criteria for 11 product categories including data center products: servers, data storage and network equipment. The certification for data centers is now ready to use and we want to join forces with you to build demand for certified data center products.

Why? Because we know that IT brands often implement changes as a direct response to market intentions. As a buyer, your purchasing power is a leverage with the potential to drive the industry in a more sustainable direction.

We also know that change happens faster when industry hears a consistent, collective message from the purchasing community. When purchasers unite and specify the very same environmental and social criteria in their purchasing requirements, industry is pushed on making continual improvements that matter instead of trying to meet individual requirements that may contradict each other.

That’s why we want to ask you to sign our pledge. We will communicate the list to IT brands to encourage them to make more sustainable, certified data center products available on the market.

Yes, I want to store data in a more socially and environmentally responsible way and encourage the IT industry to offer data center products that are certified according to TCO Certified.

* Signing our pledge is a way of showing your interest in more sustainable data center products. It does not mean that you, or your organization, is committed to purchasing certified products, or including TCO Certified in IT procurement. The information you provide will only be used to communicate market demand to the IT industry.