Do you want to include environmental and social responsibility aspects in your upcoming procurement of servers, data storage or network equipment? Join our efforts to drive availability of more sustainable, certified products in these product categories.

We received a lot of questions regarding the market availability of data center products certified according to TCO Certified at our webinar “Data centers in focus” on April 15.

IT brands often make the decision to move in a sustainable direction and apply for certification of their products as a direct response to purchaser requests. We would like to start a conversation with you to explore how your need for certified data center products can be communicated to the industry in a meaningful way, to help drive this development.

Let us know if you are interested in taking part in these efforts. You can do this by scheduling a 15 minute meeting with one of our purchaser support specialists via the link below. Please specify “data center” in the booking details. Together, we can provide an incentive for the IT industry to move in the right direction.