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IT brand HP has joined Dell and Lenovo in achieving the TCO Certified sustainability certification for a range of notebook computers, offering IT buyers more choices in electronics that are independently verified for social and environmental responsibility.

The increase in certified models from Dell, HP and Lenovo – the leading three brands in worldwide PC sales – reflects the growing demand from IT buyers wanting products that meet a higher sustainability standard. This means covering not only the product, but also the working conditions in the supply chain where it’s made.

“When buyers act, industry listens. By using TCO Certified as a purchasing tool, companies are sending a direct message to the IT brands that sustainability matters”, says Sören Enholm, CEO at TCO Development. “Together, HP, Dell and Lenovo make up a major portion of the professional IT market and by certifying more notebook computers, these brands are stepping up their commitment to meeting that demand and creating a more responsible and sustainable IT ecosystem.”

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As an independent certification, TCO Certified only qualifies products that have been independently verified to meet all criteria at the product, factory and brand level. Key criteria cover hazardous content, energy efficiency, product lifetime, conflict minerals and social responsibility in the manufacturing supply chain.

Pre and post certification assessment includes product testing, verification of factory compliance with a code of conduct, and brand company responsibility for supply chain conditions.

Enholm concludes, “More buyers are now placing higher priority on supply chain responsibility when they purchase IT products and look for the multi-layer, independent verification that TCO Certified offers. The more buyers use TCO Certified, the greater improvements we will see.”

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