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TCO Development is currently drafting a new generation of TCO Certified sustainability criteria for personal computers and displays. Criteria are updated regularly in line with new technologies and as part of our overall goal to drive sustainable development in the IT space. As part of this process, our certification team has gathered valuable feedback from industry, buyers and sustainability experts. The next step involves analyzing all comments received and making any necessary adjustments to the draft criteria before launching an updated version of TCO Certified.

The new generation of TCO Certified reflects a growing commitment to sustainability among organizations worldwide in all aspects of their business. The sustainable design, manufacture and use of IT products support the environmental, social and economic principles of sustainable development and make up the foundation of TCO Certified. Specific environmental, image quality and social responsibility criteria have therefore been enhanced as part of this update.

Launch schedule 2012

The first product groups to be included in the new TCO Certified are Displays, Desktops, Notebooks and All-in-One PCs. During the period November 2011 and ending January 6, 2012, we have gathered stakeholder feedback on draft criteria for each product group. The timeline for launch of the new program is outlined below:


• Evaluation of draft comments
• Adjustments to criteria as needed


• Final criteria set released to industry
• Pre-test period opens for Displays, Notebooks, Desktops and All-in-One Pcs.


• Pre-test period closes for Notebooks, Desktops and All-in-One PCs


•Launch of first certified  Notebooks, Desktops and All-in-One PCs


• Pre-test period closes for Displays


• Launch of first certified Displays

Once the final criteria are released and valid for product certification, applications for certification according to previous TCO Certified criteria will no longer be accepted. For example, a display will only be eligible for certification to TCO Certified Displays 6, once those criteria have been launched. For displays already certified to TCO Certified Displays 5, the certificate may be updated until an expiration date of August, 2014.