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Results from Devoteam’s 2011 Green IT Survey, conducted among 350 organizations in 22 European countries, reveal that the use of environmental criteria in professional IT purchasing has increased significantly compared with 2010.

Among the notable trends is the increased use of third party certifications in IT purchasing, which grew from 45% in 2010 to 68% in 2011. Of particular note is TCO Certified, the third party sustainability certification for IT products. The use of TCO Certified among survey respondents increased from 20 to 33% in 2011.

One reason for this trend could be that third party programs offer independent verification of product claims and sustainability features, giving purchasers an objective way to compare and select products.

The survey also shows a growing engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility among professional IT purchasers, but that there is still work to be done on practical implementation of CSR requirements at the corporate purchasing level.

The Green IT Survey was conducted by Devoteam, in collaboration with several partners, including TCO Development. The survey was carried out in 22 European countries, and 350 organizations responded, an increase from 134 companies in 2010.