Watch the presentation of our new report Impacts and Insights: Navigating the Sustainable IT Revolution. It focuses on the critical role of independent verification and how to avoid false claims and greenwash by getting proof in your IT procurement.

In the report, we navigate sustainability risks associated with IT procurement – and the tools available to reduce them. We look into the “why” and “how” of how you as a procurer can join the sustainable IT revolution, and also prove your efforts.

This webinar presents findings and key takeaways from the report – including a straightforward method for purchasers to evaluate and compare ecolabels and sustainability certifications.

When we launched TCO Certified nearly 30 years ago, sustainability was a niche interest for a few enthusiasts. Not anymore. Sustainability is essential to core business and proving your efforts is becoming the norm. This means having independently verified claims of what you do, and what you buy. For the IT industry, sustainability demands in procurement have become a powerful driver of progress. The right ecolabels are there to help purchasers use their influence in a credible, powerful way.


Clare Hobby