Our new report Impacts and Insights 2019 covers the development of supply chain responsibility among brand owners with IT products certified according to TCO Certified. Learn about the findings in this webinar.

Sustainability is a continuing challenge throughout the IT product supply chain. Safety hazards in the working environment, working hours and discrimination are some of the continuing problems. Hazardous substances are a risk to human health and the environment. IT products often contain conflict minerals which are mined by people vulnerable to exploitation.

How is TCO Certified contributing to improvements, and are these improvements happening fast enough?

This webinar focuses on the most significant results in Impacts and Insights 2019. We’ll discuss the challenges we’ve managed to solve — and those that remain. What does it take to reduce working hours to a level that doesn’t pose a risk to workers’ health? And, how can we stop closed non-conformities from reoccurring?