Benchmarking chemicals with GreenScreen® in TCO Certified

Of the thousands of chemicals available for commercial use, only about 1% have ever gone through testing to assess their effects on human health and the environment. In TCO Certified, we use the GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals to identify a pathway to safer alternatives to be used in certified products. GreenScreen offers an objective, scientific way of assessing these potential effects, and finding safer alternatives to the most hazardous substances.

Clarification: Touch panel testing exception for Displays, AIO PC’s and Notebooks

In our September issue of Technical Update we wrote about a touch panel exception for Displays, AIO’s and Notebooks. In this exception we had calculated our luminance requirement with a 99% confidence interval. We have now recalculated it based on a 95% confidence, which is the interval used throughout TCO Certified. We have also added a minimum color triangle area requirement for Displays and AIO PCs, based on these new results.

Clarification – Energy:worst case values

We’ve received some questions about which energy consumption values should be reported as the “worst case” measurement for TCO Certified products. Some applicants are only reporting the worst case numbers based on the row of the highest Total Energy Consumption, TEC.