Reduce e-waste volumes with TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated

E-waste is an enormous human health and environmental problem. Here’s a way of taking responsibility and contributing to the solution. When you buy an IT product certified according to the TCO Certified Edge criterion, E-waste Compensated, an equivalent amount of e-waste is collected in a country that is lacking in safe recycling systems.

This protects the environment from hazardous substances and, due to social requirements, fair job opportunities are created locally.

TCO Certified Edge is a supplemental certification to TCO Certified, intended for best in class products meeting leading edge sustainability criteria. The certification recognizes those products that are leading the way. All products certified to TCO Certified Edge are also independently verified to meet all criteria in TCO Certified, including comprehensive requirements for environmental and social responsibility.

TCO Certified Edge, E-waste Compensated is available for notebooks, smartphones and tablets.

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