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About Sustainable IT

Sustainable IT builds on the principles of Green IT – reducing the environmental impact of our IT products and infrastructure – while adding aspects of social responsibility such as working environment and socially responsible manufacturing of IT products.

By developing a sustainable IT strategy, organizations can lower their environmental impact, reduce costs and show a commitment to social responsibility. Learn more about how to include TCO Certified as part of your Sustainable IT product strategy.

Sustainable IT – 3 key issues

A sustainable IT strategy involves opportunities and challenges connected to IT products and infrastructure:

Sustainable IT
Sustainably designed and made IT products
There are several environmental and social risks associated with IT products throughout the life cycle – during their manufacture, use and end of life handling.  IT buyers can help reduce these risks by specifying sustainability criteria when selecting computers, displays and other electronics. Criteria such as socially responsible manufacturing, ergonomic design and reduced environmental impact are important.

Using IT to reach sustainability goals 
IT systems can also be used to improve the sustainability performance of the organization as a whole. Energy efficiency, online meetings and facilities management are all areas where a sustainable IT strategy can help reduce costs and reduce environmental impact.

Creating a sustainable IT environment
Organizations can also benefit from making their IT systems more sustainable. Lowering energy consumption,  recycling or repurposing IT equipment at end of life along with ensuring usability within the system are among the many benefits.

Sustainable IT purchasing with TCO Certified

Let your purchasing strategy be a driver for sustainable development.

Certify your products to meet sustainability demands

Use TCO Certified to validate your products as more sustainable alternatives.

Sustainable IT purchasing with TCO Certified

Make your purchasing strategy a tool for driving sustainable development.
Ask for TCO Certified

Certify your products to meet sustainability demands

Use TCO Certified to validate your products as more sustainable alternatives.

About TCO Certified

TCO Certified helps meet the sustainability needs of professional buyers and the IT industry; providing a way for buyers to choose sustainably designed IT products, and a platform for industry to meet the growing demand for environmental and social responsibility throughout the product life cycle.
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