TCO Certified helps you take environmental and social responsibility when storing your data. While the focus for sustainability in data centers often lies on energy, the issue is much broader and should include other aspects like social responsibility, circularity, and harmful substances.

Whether you have your own data center or outsource the service, all data centers house servers, storage and networking equipment that are linked to both environmental and social sustainability risks throughout the life cycle:

  • Sufficient environmental considerations are often lacking in factories.
  • Social responsibility issues such as excessive working hours, low wages, health and safety and forced labor occur throughout the supply chain.
  • Hazardous substances are often used in products and in manufacturing processes.
  • IT-products include conflict minerals and cobalt, which to a large extent are mined in unsustainable ways, by vulnerable workers including children, whose basic human rights are not protected.

TCO Certified covers three key components of data centers

Network equipment

Enables communication between various network devices.