City of Vetlanda: Why we choose TCO Certified

At the City of Vetlanda, Sweden, environmental, social and ethical criteria are an important part of our purchasing program. These priorities are reflected in our current purchasing policies. In our latest Chromebook tender, we decided to use TCO Certified to bridge the gap between our limited resources as a public entity and the expertise required to set relevant criteria and verify IT product compliance.

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How to create a Sustainable IT strategy that delivers results

Is your organization’s sustainable IT strategy helping you achieve the outcomes you want? Maybe you’ve just started working with sustainable IT or don't have any strategy at all! Either way, a structured plan with measurable goals is essential in helping you reach your sustainability targets with the help of IT.

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Sustainability certification a catalyst for IT industry progress in socially responsible manufacturing

STOCKHOLM, September 4, 2013. According to recent figures from TCO Development, products from 15 major brands of displays, computers and other devices have now fulfilled new criteria for socially responsible manufacturing required by the TCO Certified sustainability certification for IT products.

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Malmö, Sweden – a Climate Smart City

The City of Malmö is aiming to be Sweden’s most climate smart city specifically by implementing an IT infrastructure that reduces its environmental impact. Malmö is also a signatory of the Green Digital Charter – a declaration among cities in Europe to work together in meeting EU climate objectives through sustainable use of IT.

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Now even more TCO Certified Notebooks to choose from

In response to growing purchaser demand, more leading notebook brands are choosing TCO Certified as a mark of sustainable design and responsible manufacturing, making it easier for organizations to identify products that meet their sustainable IT goals.

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