The plasticizer Trioctyl trimellitate (TOTM CASNR 3319-31-1) on the TCO Certified Accepted Substance List (ASL) has a new sunset date: September 1, 2021. The sunset date was originally set to March, 2021.

Due to disruptions in the material transition and identification of a suitable alternative, we have agreed to extend the sunset date by an additional 5 months.

GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals is the tool used to identify a pathway to safer alternatives to be used in certified products. All substances achieving a GreenScreen benchmark are assessed by licensed profilers accredited by Clean Production Action to carry out Green Screen Assessments. In TCO Certified, substances achieving a GreenScreen benchmark 2 or better are accepted for compliance with the criteria for non-halogenated substances.

The plasticizer TOTM originally received an approved GreenScreen benchmark 2. However, this benchmark was later challenged by another licensed GreenScreen profiler. After a peer review of an independent organization, the benchmark was reduced to a benchmark Unspecified.

On this decision, we removed the benchmark for the plasticizer TOTM and set a sunset date of up to 12 months to give industry time to replace or reassess with new data. The sunset date for the plasticizer TOTM (CASNR 3319-31-1) is now September 1, 2021.

NOTE! Once a chemical is removed from the TCO Certified Accepted Substance List it may no longer be used for new certifications.