– TCO Certified basics

Build trust in your sustainability efforts with TCO Certified

IT products come with a number of sustainability challenges throughout their life cycle. As a brand owner, working proactively with environmental and social issues is a necessity, and TCO Certified helps you communicate your progress in a credible way.

Complete certification that can be used worldwide

TCO Certified covers all of today’s most crucial sustainability challenges. Criteria are comprehensive and include both environmental and social responsibility throughout the IT product life cycle. The certification can be used globally and requirements are harmonized worldwide, which is easier and more efficient for both purchasers and the IT industry.

Independent verification ensures fair competition

With TCO Certified, compliance with all criteria is verified by independent, accredited experts. This ensures fair competition in procurements and leaves no shortcuts for competitors. Verification is mandatory and continuous — it is carried out both before and after certification, throughout the certificate’s validity period.