The new benchmarking function for brands is now available for beta testing in TCO Certified Portal. This new function helps brand owners spot areas where their brand or product performs well, or fall behind the competition.

Data is anonymous

You will only be able to view specific SPI data for certified products from your brand. All data from other brands are anonymous. No information can be traced to a specific brand or product model.

To protect anonymity, there must be at least three brands with certified products in a certain product category before data is visible in the benchmarking function. At the moment, only displays and desktops meet this requirement which means that the benchmarking function is only available for brand owners with certified products in these product categories.

Only generation 9 products are included

The benchmarking function only includes products certified according to TCO Certified, generation 9. Products certified to the previous generation of criteria will not be visible in this function. All products are included in Product Finder just like before.