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A new generation of TCO Certified is released every three years. When a new generation is launched, products can no longer be certified to the previous generation.

A certificate has a limited validity period: it is valid for two years from the date of issue, with the option to extend for one year at a time. Find a complete listing of all products that are currently certified at our Product Finder.

Products may no longer be promoted as certified according to TCO Certified once the certificate expires or the generation of criteria is discontinued.

Valid generations of TCO Certified

These generations are available for certification until December 2018 and will be discontinued in December 2020. Products of all product categories can be certified to TCO Certified, generation 8, from September 2018.

  • TCO Certified Displays 7
  • TCO Certified Notebooks 5
  • TCO Certified Tablets 3
  • TCO Certified Smartphones 2
  • TCO Certified Desktops 5
  • TCO Certified All-in-one PCs 3
  • TCO Certified Projectors 2
  • TCO Certified Headsets 3

Valid generations of TCO Certified Edge

Available for certification until December 2021, when they will be discontinued:

  • TCO Certified Edge Displays 2
  • TCO Certified Edge Notebooks 1
  • TCO Certified Edge All-in-One PCs 1
  • TCO Certified Edge Headsets 1