Our video series gives you a run-through of what’s new and updated in the finalized criteria documents of TCO Certified, generation 9 and how the application period works.

With TCO Certified, generation 9, we take the next step in social and environmental sustainability. Updates and changes are made in several criteria areas:

  • In socially responsible manufacturing, we go further up the supply chain. Criteria for anti-corruption and mineral sourcing are improved.
  • Our ground-breaking system for safer alternatives to hazardous substances is expanded to include process chemicals used in the manufacture of IT products.
  • New sustainability performance indicators (SPI) are added. This helps purchasing organizations make informed choices and measure the sustainability impact.
  • We move forward to enable circular IT solutions with more ambitious criteria aimed at extending the life of IT products, improving recyclability, and reducing e-waste.

A great way of getting to know the upcoming generation of TCO Certified is to check out our video series, available at the dedicated webpage for generation 9. Each criteria area is explained in a separate video so you can decide what you want to focus on and learn more about. Finalized criteria documents for all product categories are also available.

TCO Certified, generation 9

Key dates

June 15: Final criteria documents were published and the application period opened.
November 17: Last day to apply for those wanting to be recognized as “fi