Products must meet all criteria in TCO Certified to be certified. This principle also applies when a product has several configurations that are sold under the same sales name/marketing name. For certain cases where this is not possible, we have created an exception: subset certification.

An example scenario is: a desktop computer is marketed and sold as “PC abc”. It is available for purchase in a wide variety of configurations but only some configurations comply with all the criteria in TCO Certified.

In this scenario, the brand owner should create a unique sales name/marketing name (“PC abcd”) that is used for all configurations that comply with all criteria in TCO Certified. Multiple configurations can be repackaged and sold using the name “PC abcd”.

The exception: subset certification

If a separate sales name/marketing name cannot be created for certified products, there is now an alternative way: subset certification. With this procedure, both certified and non-certified products can be sold under the same sales name.

We have decided to allow for subset certification in certain situations for products certified according to TCO Certified, generation 9. To be granted subset certification, both the brand owner and the product must meet several strict criteria, including physical labeling and dedicated TCO Certified information on the brand webshop. The reasons to why subset certification has been granted will be communicated at our Product Finder, and on the certificate. Additional requirements may be introduced.

A temporary solution

The subset certification is not an ideal solution. It may create confusion around what is certified and what is not. Therefore we want to avoid it as much as possible and will try to reduce the overall need for subset certification. It is our ambition to remove the subset certification exception with the launch of TCO Certified, generation 10.

What is a sales name/marketing name?

We define a “sales name” as the unique name the product is marketed under. It is often printed on the product. It is shared with global catalog services such as 1WorldSync, used as the marketing name on the invoice, order confirmation, delivery documentation and on the packaging, etc.

If you need to apply for the subset certification exception, please contact