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November 11 this year marks two years since we launched the current generation TCO Certified. Earlier generations are retired two years following each generation launch. This means that November 11 this year is the deadline to submit your applications to upgrade those certificates.

Certificates that are not upgraded by the November 11 deadline will become invalid following that date.

Certificates issued according to the following criteria documents are affected

• TCO Certified Displays 6
• TCO Certified Notebooks 4
• TCO Certified Tablets 2
• TCO Certified Smartphones 1
• TCO Certified Desktops 4
• TCO Certified All-In-One PCs 2
• TCO Certified Projectors 1
• TCO Certified Headsets 2

To upgrade, submit your applications together with relevant documentation to prove that the product complies with the current generation criteria to

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