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Please make a note of the November 11 deadline to submit your factory audit reports and other supporting documents to be in compliance for the following 12-month period. This is in in accordance with criterion A.7.1 in TCO Certified.

As a brand certifying products to TCO Certified, you are required to submit a factory audit report each year. Documentation should be submitted by the Senior Management Representative designated by your brand as the lead contact for compliance with the TCO Certified criteria for socially responsible manufacturing.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Submit the following supporting documentation to an approved third party Social reviewer.

– Brand owner Code of conduct

– Routines on how the Code of conduct is communicated to suppliers.

– Factory list – (1st tier suppliers producing TCO Certified products)

– Factory audit report (3rd party audit <12 months=””>

– Corrective action plan (to be verified as remedially effective).

You can find a list of approved reviewers and verification facilities here.

2. When you receive the audit report verification from the approved social reviewer, please send this document to Stephen Fuller at TCO Development

For questions about your annual compliance with the criteria for socially responsible manufacturing, contact us.

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