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The criterion 1.3 has been further developed during the draft period of TCO Certified, generation 8. It now includes a number of questions for data gathering, making it possible to measure today’s IT products towards tomorrow’s sustainability criteria.

The Sustainability performance criterion include a number of questions that will be answered as part of your regular application for TCO Certified: the sustainability performance indicators. Some questions require that a value is entered, while the majority ask for a yes/no answer. These are not pass/fail criteria and go beyond the scope of TCO Certified. There are no set levels required in order to qualify for TCO Certified.

The sustainability performance indicators will help us follow the development of products and brands, enabling us to set criteria that are challenging but yet reasonable, and that cover the most relevant parts of the product life cycle. We know that improvements to the certification must be phased in gradually to not affect the business negatively.

By answering these questions, brand owners will play an even more important role in the development of TCO Certified. The questions are designed to indicate a leadership level, and can be used by brands to measure their own sustainability progress.

The questions marked with * are the declared performance indicators, which will be published by TCO Development and printed on the certificate. The rest of the data may be published anonymously, ensuring that no brand owner can be identified.

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