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TCO Certified, generation 8 marks a major step forward in several areas. With several new and updated criteria, this generation aims to drive progress in supply chain responsibility and transparency as well as taking a more circular approach to IT products by extending their usable lifetime and promoting re-use. This generation is also designed to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Some of the updates in TCO Certified, generation 8

1. Circularity – driving a more circular approach to IT products. This means moving away from the linear take, make, dispose model, to one where products are used longer, and can also be re-used or re-manufactured. Keeping materials in high value use for as long as possible means we can lower our reliance on virgin materials and reduce toxic e-waste.

To support greater circularity we’re adding our first criteria for battery life and product durability to our existing criteria for material recovery / preparation for recycling.

2. Supply chain responsibility and transparency – focusing on closing non-conformities in high-risk factories and verifying supply chain improvements.

New criteria include: 1. Responsible minerals extraction – beyond 3TG to include cobalt, among others. 2. Anti-corruption management system and 3. Process chemicals – criteria for protecting factory workers from exposure to hazardous chemicals in manufacturing, and identifying safer alternatives.

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