TCO Certified, generation 8 is here — this is how you apply for certification

TCO Certified, generation 8 is now launched, meaning that IT brands and manufacturers can apply for product certification and purchasing organizations can include generation 8 in procurement. TCO Certified, generation 8 takes a major step toward a more sustainable life cycle for IT products. Now is your opportunity to see if your products are ready.

TCO Certified, generation 8 includes a wide range of updated and new criteria, designed to promote a circular approach to IT products along with transparency and responsibility in the supply chain. The criteria also support progress toward the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

All product categories will be generation 8

In TCO Certified, generation 8, the majority of criteria are the same for all product categories. The criteria documents for all product categories therefore have the same generation number: 8.

What’s in generation 8?

A circular approach to
IT products

Supporting greater product circularity extended product lifetime and re-use. Criteria for battery life, product durability and material recovery.

Supply chain responsibility and transparency

Focus on closing non-conformities and verifying supply chain improvements. New criteria for responsible minerals, anti-corruption and process chemicals.

Supporting UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Helping you meet your commitment to the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, including responsible production and consumption.

Apply for TCO Certified, generation 8

TCO Certified, generation 8 was launched on December 4, 2018. From this date, applications for previous generations of TCO Certified will not be accepted. Existing certificates will remain valid for their regular term: two years from the date of issue, with the option to extend for one year at a time until Dec 4, 2020.

To apply for certification of your products, follow our step-by-step guide for brands. Applications and supporting documents are uploaded to TCO Certified Portal. Once submitted, you will be able to track the progress in this online tool.

Find a complete listing of all products that are currently certified at our Product Finder. Products may no longer be promoted as certified according to TCO Certified once the certificate expires or the generation of criteria is discontinued.

To see what’s new in TCO Certified, generation 8 and the updates compared with the current generation, refer to overview – new and updated criteria and technical comparison with the current generation.
We have opened up a new way to apply, through TCO Certified Portal through which the applicant can upload the application documents directly. However we will also continue to accept applications by email.
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