There’s still a lot of work to do to reach a sustainable life cycle for IT products. Some of the most pressing issues include the overuse of finite natural resources, alarming amounts of e-waste as well as violations of workers’ rights and labour laws in the supply chain.

Change needs to happen faster, and that’s why we’ve launched TCO Certified, generation 8, with a wide range of updated and new criteria, helping you contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Watch this webinar to learn more about the sustainability challenges connected to IT products, and how you can drive positive change through strategic, sustainable procurement.

On the agenda

  • Walkthrough of some of the most significant sustainability issues: environmental degradation, health risks connected to hazardous substances, social issues in the supply chain, conflict minerals, e-waste and corruption.

  • TCO Certified, generation 8 — our largest step yet towards a sustainable life cycle for IT products. We’ll explain how the certification makes the work with sustainable procurement easier and more efficient, ensuring credible results whilst saving time and resources for your organization.

  • Why the linear consumption model is unsustainable — and how you can encourage a more circular approach.