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TCO Certified – Sustainability certification for IT-products

TCO Certified – Sustainability certification for IT-products
TCO Certified – Sustainability certification for IT-products 2017-05-05T09:29:53+00:00

TCO Certified

TCO Certified is a sustainability certification for IT products, making it easier for purchasers and industry to make more responsible choices. TCO Certified includes life cycle criteria for social and environmental criteria and independent verification of product, factories and brand responsibility is included, both pre and post certification.

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Guide helps organisations succeed in sustainable IT product purchasing

IT products and their manufacture come with environmental and social risk. By setting and following up on relevant sustainability criteria, purchasing organisations can help drive increased environmental and social responsibility in the market. To support purchasers in this goal, TCO Development has now launched a guide for sustainable purchasing of IT products

City of Vetlanda: Why we choose TCO Certified

At the City of Vetlanda, Sweden, environmental, social and ethical criteria are an important part of our purchasing program. These priorities are reflected in our current purchasing policies. In our latest Chromebook tender, we decided to use TCO Certified to bridge the gap between our limited resources as a public entity and the expertise required to set relevant criteria and verify IT product compliance.

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TCO Certified – Outstanding Case study award at SPLC Summit

On Tuesday, May 9 the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council presented TCO Development with an Outstanding Case Study Award. The case study outlined achievements in improved social responsibility in the IT manufacturing supply chain where certified products are made, making it easier for IT purchasers to make more sustainable choices.

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