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TCO Certified

TCO Certified is the leading independent sustainability certification for IT products. With life cycle criteria for social and environmental responsibility, TCO Certified helps organizations around the world make more sustainable IT choices.

TCO Certified is a type 1 Ecolabel in accordance with ISO 14024. This means that criteria development is based on scientific principles and involves multiple stakeholders and experts in an open development process.

Use TCO Certified to set and verify up-to-date sustainability criteria in purchasing
Certify Your Products
Certify your products to meed the growing buyer demand for sustainability

Sustainability in all phases
of the product life cycle

Electronics are associated with many sustainability risks throughout the life cycle, such as working conditions in manufacturing, negative environmental effects, energy consumption, hazardous substances, usability and e-waste.
TCO Certified contains criteria aimed at addressing many of these challenges.
TCO Certified Criteria – production phase

Manufacturing phase
Socially responsible manufacturing, environmental management system.
TCO Certified Criteria – use phase

Use phase
Climate, ergonomics, health and safety, extended product life and emissions.
TCO Certified Criteria – end of life phase

End of life phase
Reduction of hazardous content and chemicals, design for recycling

Available in these eight
product categories

Product and factory compliance
independently verified

All verification is carried out by independent partners accredited according to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025.

In addition, we carry out spot checks of products and manufacturing facilities post certification.

We also conduct regular quality control of our independent verification partners.

Overview - verification of criteria in TCO Certified

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