Poor working conditions are common throughout the IT product supply chain. Child labor, forced labor, excessive overtime and hazardous substances are a risk to workers’ health and lives. To drive social responsibility, TCO Certified includes a structured system for continuous improvements, along with strict monitoring to ensure problems are solved.

Much of IT product manufacturing is carried out in low-wage countries where the labor market lacks clear regulation and the protection of workers is insufficient. Poor working conditions occur throughout the supply chain. Sustainability risks include child labor, forced labor, and hazardous chemicals used in manufacturing. Excessive overtime leaves a worker with little to no time over for rest, recreation, family or further education. The mineral industry is connected to armed conflicts and human rights abuses, severe health problems for workers, and environmental degradation. As in many industries, the risk of bribery is also present. This must be counteracted as it hinders development, erodes justice, undermines human rights and interferes with the fair and efficient operation of markets.